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Kids are self learners. You don’t teach them, just build an ideal environment for them to blossom. Building an ideal environment is teamwork. A team comprising of parents, educator, mentor and fellow like-minded learners. Kids are smarter than adults. Adults have to work hard to keep up with kids. Wisdom sharing is important in the highly connected 21st century; Knowledge is google-able but Wisdom only comes with Experience. Learning is beyond classrooms. Travel, Failure, Mistakes, Meeting like-minded & passionate people makes all the difference. Teaching is a creative process, and the educator is an artist. You cannot compare Leonardo Da Vinci with Picasso. Every educator is unique and needs the freedom to express.Curriculum is just a plan. Planning is important, but the plan itself must be accommodative. Learning Science & Technology is like a Sport. You have both the fun side and the hard side. Mistakes and Failures are as important as Success. You don’t just like the subject, you love the subject

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 No 418/1, First Floor, G.V. Residency, (Above Shiksha Juniors International Preschool), Uppilipalayam, Coimbatore - 641038, Tamil Nadu

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