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Perks academy

Perks Sports Academy is home to sport in Coimbatore, given the rich history of sport in Perks and the sheer number of competitive players produced in multiple sport through the years has made us pioneers of competitive sport in Coimbatore. We at the academy are working constructively towards a competitive environment for children which continually inspires them to achieve higher. We encourage and educate the parents about sport, nutrition, physiotherapy and many other aspects so that an awareness is created within a community. The Academy’s focus is to train children and hone them for competitive training, moreover we teach the child about the ideology of the sport and why it is played. We at the Academy aim to build a network of sporting communities where each community benefits from the other. We also aim to reach higher levels in competitive sport and provide the children with a better platform to perform so that they reach their full potential. We are here to create Champions and with the support of the Perks Sports Family, we will duly do so. Perks Sports Academy in Coimbatore.

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 Perks Arch Road, Perks Campus, Uppilipalaym, Coimbatore 641015.

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